Small business operators are constantly juggling numerous tasks and wearing many hats as they strive to be competitive and grow their operations. It goes with the territory.

One area that has long stymied smaller businesses is in bringing the most current technology into their organizations. That has changed thanks to the cloud and to the current trend of technology being offered as service.

The most immediate benefit of these new arrangements for business owners is the breakdown of the equipment barrier. Securing technology as service eliminates the high-cost investment in hardware and the expense of providing the staff to manage, maintain and update that equipment that often prevented smaller businesses from adopting new technology.

Today, small business owners can get everything from the latest telecom technology to computer desktops without those huge capital outlays.

One of the latest technology as service offerings is the hosted desktop, which offers small business many of the benefits their larger competitors have in mobility, functionality and accessibility.

Hosted desktop solutions can provide small business the flexibility and agility that is often the key to staying competitive.
But, before rushing out and signing up, business owners want to make sure they check out potential vendors carefully.

Among the major issues that need to be addressed before making the move to a hosted service are:

  • Security and recovery: Does the vendor have a strong track record? What are their protocols? Where are their services located? Who controls them? How is your data protected?
  • Ease of use: Will your employees have any issues accessing and using the services? What tech support is provided?
  • Reliability: What are the vendors current customers saying? Does the vendor have the resources to offer the accessibility, flexibility, growth you require?

Be sure you are fully satisfied with the answers to those questions before you proceed with any potential vendor.

A hosted desktop solution may be just the thing you need to breathe new life into your small business operations and to free you to focus more time on the core operations. If you would like to learn more about the possibilities, contact us.