If you’re like most small to medium-sized business owners and managers, you’re starting to understand the risks your taking when you refuse to take the proper IT security precautions.

It’s an unfortunate fact that in 2015, no matter what type of business you run, cyber criminals can target your business. In addition, the companies you patronize like your doctor’s office, favorite coffee shop, department store and carpet cleaners can also become hacker targets; leaving customer confidential and financial information vulnerable.

In fact, Congress’ House Committee on Small Business states that it’s crucial for American small and medium-sized business owners to ensure they are taking the proper network, computer and device security, maintenance, backup and disaster recovery measures.

Working with a professional team can minimize and even eliminate most of the risks you face. A good team will design an IT strategic development plan that will do things like:

Encrypt all company smartphones and devices so your data is secure if devices are lost,
Establish a regularly updated malware and anti-virus eradication system,
Establish a secure employee password generation program for all software, devices and machines
Build a system that will recognize immediately when your system or network has been breached, so that your team can respond in time, and
Monitor your servers, network, malware and anti-virus eradication systems
A good team will understand exactly how to respond to all of today’s threats. For example, most business professionals don’t know that WordPress websites are a constant source of cyber attack and that ne’er do wells have even built ways to hack your hardware and devices through USB plugs on computer mice and keyboards. Basically, IT professionals have to stay on top of an ever-changing security climate so that business professionals can rest easy.

Unfortunately, many hackers realize that SMBs don’t always take the proper precautions. This happens because business owners and managers want to save money or they just don’t understand the technological risks they face.

Because of this, hackers often feel more comfortable targeting those neighborhood businesses we all love to patronize. In addition, cyber criminals can use those small neighborhood businesses to access data from larger companies. Think:

The small office furniture retailer that sells furniture and electronics to the local State Farm Insurance Branch, or
The local auto cleaner that cleans vehicles for the local branch of Enterprise or Hertz.
When larger businesses know that a smaller business doesn’t have the proper security measures in place, the larger business has to take its subcontractor business elsewhere.

For all these reasons and more, contact us today. At Infiniwiz, we can keep your company data secure and help your business thrive.