The idea of a comprehensive IT audit likely hasn’t crossed your mind lately, especially when the word “audit” perhaps makes you think of the IRS. This is only a misconception, because an IT audit is entirely in your favor while protecting you at the same time. even did a piece about IT audits several years ago and how much they can help you once your business expands.

Here at Infiniwiz, we offer IT audits along with a comprehensive list of digital solutions to help your business grow. With growth in your own business likely happening now or soon, an IT audit helps you prepare for the future while scoping out where your vulnerabilities are.

Checking Your Existing Computer Applications

One of the first things we check for is your existing computer applications and how well they keep up with the technology demands of today. Do you have the best computers available, and do you have them protected from recent online threats that face you? Security is a major priority in our analysis, and we’ll provide the latest recommendations on firewalls, virus protection software, and information on encryption.

We’ll also see just how vulnerable you are to not only online threats, but also outside ones. With our audits as part of your business continuity plan, you’ll have an idea of just how many risks you have without proper technology to ward off any kind of threat. This extends to recommendations on the best methods of data storage, including the cloud.

Checking Your Existing Hardware

While many pieces of hardware are available internally through managed services, our consultants have field experience in knowing what the best technology is out there. Nevertheless, we make sure you have the technology you really need rather than force something unnecessary. Audits determine this since it analyzes your business structure so the technology you use makes sense.

We’ll make sure digital choices like VoIP and hosted desktop benefit you in the best ways. You’ll find out these digital solutions help things run more efficiently and save you money so you can finally compete at prime level with your competitors.

Contact us here at Infiniwiz to set up a consultation for your IT audit so you’ll know what to expect. It’s time you took account of what you have and improve it with our team working for you.