Before you take on any kind of technology, using a consultation service is a beneficial process that helps you understand what you really need. But you probably didn’t stop and realize it also doubles as a way to scope out any security issues you might have. It’s something that would benefit other companies that choose to ignore an IT audit.

One recent example of the above is Anthem Insurance, now in the news for having a major security breach. A couple of federal watchdog groups wanted to audit Anthem for their security, but the insurance company rebuffed them more than once. Of course, Anthem choosing to ignore this audit proved they had major security vulnerabilities.

It was a major warning about complacency and how many companies think nothing needs fixing if nothing serious happened before. Companies that choose to go this route also end up taking on technologies they think they’ll find useful, only to find out later they aren’t right for them. This gives all the more importance to an IT audit through a professional consultation service so you know whether you need a technology, especially in telecommunications.

Here at Infiniwiz, we offer this service in addition to providing telecommunication solutions. What things will we analyze in your audit so you’ll know definitively whether you need technology like VoIP?

Analyzing Your Business Structure

Every company is different, and we’ll look at the structure of your business and whether VoIP or other managed services fit your style. If you’re just now experiencing growing pains, using managed services and VoIP together gives you a chance to keep things running efficiently without obstructions or need to buy additional hardware.

This is important when you have to save as much money as possible and need more time to focus on your goals. By studying what your employees really need to stay connected, you’ll know whether finally removing analog phone systems from your company is the best choice.

Security is additionally important in our audits for your own protection. We provide excellent security solutions, including the latest encryption methods and other security tools so your hosted solutions are never compromised on your network.

Contact us here at Infiniwiz and we’ll schedule a comprehensive IT audit for your company. We’ll find things you probably never thought were vulnerable until now. At the same time, you’ll have definitive proof you need new telecom technology in order to properly grow.