Cyber crime is at an all-time high. The threat of spyware and malware impacts businesses both large and small. Small business owners who rely on computer technology understand how important cyber security is for protecting company data. Below are some tips to help secure your business computers.

Anti-virus and Anti-malware Software

Ensure that all devices connected to your network have anti-virus and anti-malware software installed on them. They serve as basic protection against malicious files or other attacks.

Train Employees

Educate your employees on the basics of internet safety and security. Emphasize how important it is to create strong passwords and to keep them safe. Alert them to the dangers of opening attachments from people they don’t know or clicking on questionable links. If some of your employees use mobile devices, laptops or tablets, remind them not to leave their devices unattended to prevent theft.

Keep Systems Updated

Hackers can find their way into your network through vulnerabilities in software and computer operating systems. It is important to install updates and patches immediately as they become available.

Back Up Data

Performing back-ups of your data to the cloud or external hard drives will give you access to your data should the server go down. If you do not have cloud storage, consider another offsite location to store back-ups in case of a fire or other catastrophe.

These tips are the very basic in cyber security. There are a number of other security solutions to consider such as data encryption, firewall installation, anti-spam solutions and more.

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