Can You Prevent Cybersecurity Attacks at Your Firm?

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It’s important to familiarize yourself with your Chicago company’s cybersecurity policies and procedures. You should be able the answer questions like, “Are we thinking about cybersecurity properly?” and “What are the signs of a successful cybersecurity policy at my accounting firm?”

The effectiveness of your cybersecurity depends on conscientiously enacting every part of the strategy. Infiniwiz can provide an assessment of your current system and implement any needed solutions to keep company and client information private.

These three steps can help you keep hackers out of your system:

1. Should You Set Up Alerts?

Make sure your security system is set up to send alarms at the first sign of a possible breach. Infiniwiz engineers help you determine your high-value digit assets and what’s connected to them. Documenting the location of data sets and identifying the importance and risk help you understand your environment and avoid risks.

Just like an attack on a personal computer or device, your first signal may be slow performance. Often, these symptoms derive from a denial-of-service ( DoS) attack, which bogs down your system with requests that overwhelm the servers. If your company is specifically targeted, employees may receive emails that impersonate legitimate senders. When an employee clicks on an email, they unknowingly download the virus.

Many accounting firms outsource their IT infrastructure and let their managed service providers take control of cybersecurity. Although your company retains responsibility for the data, handing off this role to experts helps you eliminate most cybersecurity concerns.

Depending on your client base, you may want to incorporate privacy standards, such as the GDPR, and industry standards.

2. How Can You Solve Any Problem?

Accounting firms should manage cybersecurity based on continuous improvement. Infiniwiz does this by concentrating on operations, line management, internal audits, and risk mitigation. Having a written cybersecurity policy keeps staff aware of the consequences of a data breach and emphasizes personal accountability.

Reward and recognize correct behavior that protects the company.

3. How Can You Recover and Remember?

Your cyber risk management should include careful planning and robust compliance monitoring. Partnering with an IT partner such as Infiniwiz helps your roll out alerts and notices when someone breaks the policy. Having a recovery plan lets your system get back up and running quickly following a data breach or malware attack. That’s why it’s important to keep backups offsite and on-site to avoid a catastrophic loss in case of a natural disaster or cyberattack.

Infiniwiz works with your internal IT team to ensure business continuity, information security and organizational recovery strategies. Remember and learn from any vulnerabilities or data compromise that occurs. Finding your weaknesses and eliminating them can at least prevent the same virus from breaching your defenses.

We provide a postmortem analysis for each incident. Then suggest any necessary changes to your accounting firm’s best practices.

Contact Infiniwiz today to learn more about protecting your Chicago firm’s network and data in the event of a cyberattack.