Does Your Current In-house IT Team Have The Expertise?

Why did you hire tech experts in the first place? Medics trade their knowledge in medicine, actors their ability in simulation, and IT professionals their skills in information technology. An IT practitioner with no subject-matter expertise is no better than any other random guy on the streets.

Perhaps the correct question should be: how do you know that your in-house IT team has the right expertise?

Determine The Expertise Of Your In-House IT

What Should You Expect From An In-house Team With The Expertise?

When you decide to seek IT support, the goal is not just to have any random person to help you handle what you do not have time for. The intention is not to find any available labor but skilled and experienced professionals.

So, does your staff have the necessary skills? Are they experienced?

If your in-house tech team has the expertise, then here is what you should expect them to deliver…

Cybersecurity Management

Data security is one of the biggest nightmares for any executive. With just a minor breach, you could lose control of your files completely — and even be forced to pay huge ransoms. Cybersecurity is as essential as it is costly — with attack mitigation costs quantified at more than one million U.S. dollars on average.

It’s a good thing that many firms are beginning to appreciate the vitality of data and its protection. The bad news is that cyberattacks are on the rise, with some researchers putting the surge at 238%.

In such uncertain times, all you have is the expertise of your specialists to save the day. Expect them to design and implement emphatic systems’ security protocols. The solutions should not only be proactive but also look at possible scenarios in case of successful breaches. They should formulate fast-response procedures and routinely train your other staff on the same. Are you considering outsourcing vendor support on security issues? You should be able to trust your in-house IT experts to carry out background and suitability checks.

Ensure Compliance To Regulatory Standards

When the Federal Trade Commission approved a $5 billion fine on Facebook in July 2019, the international social media giant did not only receive a financial dent. That period saw very many people delete accounts from their platforms, and there was a general atmosphere of skepticism towards the company. Their mistake? Mishandling of people’s data in the run-up to the 2012 elections.

The present-day consumer is very keen on how safely you obtain, store, and use their data — and relevant government agencies strive to guarantee this. It is the responsibility of your professionals to identify compliance regulations that apply to your organization, formulate, and implement compliance frameworks. For Facebook, $5 billion may not have been that much. What if the same amount were to be imposed on you due to your experts’ negligence. Would you survive the financial burden? What about the reputational damage?

Expert IT Support Brings You Up to Date With New Technology

Technology keeps advancing each day, and you need to keep up. However, not every fad is the ‘new cloud.’

Does your in-house IT team know how to distinguish an overrated technology trend from real-transformative technologies? It’s ubiquitous these days for firms to rush into adopting certain technologies only to end up with no substantial ROI.

Be that as it may, your technicians with all their expertise must be in a position to identify the latest technologies that suit you. With the right skill sets, they will help you deploy and manage these advancements cost-effectively.

Realignment Of Technology To Your Evolving IT Needs

Your organization grows, and it’s IT support needs change. The question is, does your in-house IT team respond accordingly to these changes? It’s common to hear business owners and leaders say, “I think we have outgrown our current IT support.”

At times the IT team is doing their best with the available resources. The problem could be in your adamance to seek external support.

In most cases, however, the issue is always the IT teams deploying old tricks on new challenges. It is only right that with an increase in traffic and demand for support, the IT experts should identify and implement responsive solutions and technologies.

This even extends to advancing their skill sets by attending conferences on emerging security issues. Quite often, it is expected that the leadership of the organization should facilitate capacity-building programs. Even so, what are they doing for themselves? Does it look like you are looking for such programs and forcing it down their throats?

The Danger Of Having Experts Without The Relevant Expertise

IT is the mother of all your operations, hence the necessity to have the best technicians manning your networks. Even without going into the intricacies, there are specific signs that should tell you that your experts are inadequate in subject-matter expertise:

  • Your customers are continuously complaining about the inefficiency of your systems. Also common is too complex processes that give the users a hard time.
  • You can’t remember the last time you had a full day with optimum network performance. If the browser speed is not slow, your call qualities are always miserable.
  • Your computers are sporadically crushing or having virus infections.
  • You are continually experiencing breaches that you are convinced could have been otherwise prevented.

Whenever you seek clarifications from your IT department, are you convinced they know what they are saying? Or does it all sound like browsed answers? With the wrong team, your growth stagnates, your systems are vulnerable, and your service bills continually soar.

Your In-house IT team Is Limited In Expertise… What Is The Solution?

There is always a solution; it depends on whether you want to go the long and expensive route of hiring more staff or the more convenient outsourced support solution.

The best and most cost-effective way out is seeking help from an established IT service provider, either for complete support or co-management.

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