Over the years, many of us have become lazy with our Google searches. Sometimes we know how to spell certain things, yet we type in collections of letters we know are wrong; with the confidence that Google will offer us the right correction in a dropdown list. Our mobile phones autocorrect for us as well. Yet how many times when we’re typing an email or trying to remember a coworker’s uncommon name do we wish we had a similar dropdown menu? Well, the software designers for Office 365 are launching some exciting new updates for the beginning of 2016 that will do just that.

When you:

• Misspell a person’s name you’ve emailed before,
• Misspell a person’s name you’ve emailed before with a common misspelling, (like Catherine, when you meant to email Kathryn), and
• Accidentally forget to include a person you commonly email in a group,

…Outlook for 365 will correct you.

In addition, designers have programmed the servers to start recognizing supported providers for events. Though right now, Microsoft Office 365 email only recognizes flights after the carrier sends a confirmation email to your box from certain carriers (i.e. Southwest, American, Delta, United, Alaska, and Expedia); designers don’t plan to stop at flight confirmations. Designers also plan to add new event recognition with new event providers with every update.

When you receive a confirmation email from one of the supported airline providers, Outlook will:

• Block out the time on your calendar;
• List the necessary information like flight number, destination and airport; and
• Alert you 3 hours before your departure time

Currently, these features will only be available to commercial business and .edu clients. However, throughout the course of the year, the features will start to become available throughout all versions of Microsoft 365.

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