Our Fax Service

Sure, email and social media are on the rise, but 17 BILLION faxes are sent around the world every year – and if you need to add a fax service to your arsenal, we’re here to help.

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Technology evolves at an incredibly rapid rate. So fast, in fact, that many people remember the fax machine with fondness and nostalgia. But here’s the thing: Fax isn’t entirely dead. In fact, there are still 46.3 million active fax machines in the world with 17 billion faxes being sent each and every year. If anything, traditional faxing is back by popular demand with the evolution of online faxing services that allow businesses to:

  1. Save a ton of money as there’s no need to worry about maintaining a fax machine in terms of replacing ink toners, buying paper or paying for a separate fax-only phone line each month.
  2. Keep confidential documents safe with a private, secure connection that helps you maintain the confidentiality of documents containing sensitive information that are sent and received via fax.
  3. Use less paper to minimize your footprint on the environment with an eco-friendly alternative. Consider this: If 5% of organizations leveraged a paperless fax service compared to a traditional fax service, 1 million trees would be saved each year.

An inside look at our fax services…

Infiniwiz is focused on providing exceptional IT support in Chicago and surrounding areas, but we also offer various add-on services. We’ve been asked before what our fax service looks like and how it works – so let’s take an inside look at our fax services. Watch the video above to see it in action.

  1. Log into a portal (faxportal.infiniwiz.com) to bring up the user interface.
  2. Choose from the following options: send faxes, contacts, settings, and profile.
  3. Visit “send faxes” to send a fax or view the history of all incoming and outgoing faxes.

It’s incredibly straightforward and simple-to-use. You can even add a range of cover page templates that are ready to go when you need them. Plus, you can convert files, add attachments, and much more.

Looking for a great fax service? Infiniwiz offers IT support in Chicago and surrounding areas. We offer a range of add-on services alongside our managed IT services. Call (847) 499-1500 now.