One Republic Mortgage Inc. was founded in 2008 as a broker of residential home loan purchases and refinances.  After the dramatic environmental shift that the financial and real-estate sectors endured in recent history, ORM determined that they could better serve the community by converting into a lender.

Today, ORM is recognized throughout Illinois s a leading firm in the industry with a wide array of services, championed by a team of highly professional and dedicated managers with vast knowledge and years of experience.

The Situation: One Republic Had Data Security and Storage Concerns

One Republic Mortgage deals in a lot of confidential data from client’s confidential information to that of third parties such as agents, attorneys, and credit companies. ORM’s employees store, use, and collect this data on a daily basis. On top of this, they utilize half a dozen platforms for all this data, so security and storage were a concern.

Infiniwiz saw an opportunity to combat ORM’s security issue by moving them to a cloud based system for their entire office to work from a centralized server network.

“This year we have switched gears to make security our priority in 2017 and going into 2018,” says Barry Jilin, President of One Republic Mortgage. “We’ve implemented an email encryption system and now all email and attachments are sent over secure email, as well as anything the we receive is being uploaded. We are using a secure platform to exchange information.”

The Solution: Infiniwiz Moved One Republic to the Cloud and Office 365

Infiniwiz provided a solution to the issues One Republic was experiencing by providing a network that was more secure and easier to use. Through working with Infiniwiz, One Republic has been able to better protect their client’s data.

“We’ve worked on several platforms that have increased the security presence in our company for employees and anyone we contact,” says Barry Jilin, President of One Republic Mortgage. “We’ve implemented two-factor authentication, which prevents anyone from logging into our network. This means individual users are asked to complete a secondary verification that goes to their phone. This makes sure it is an authorized user logging into our network, not a hacker.

Infiniwiz gave ORM an easier to use system as well. By connecting them to a Virtual Private Server (VPS, also known as a server in the cloud) all employees at ORM are now able to access and use the same tools, all accessible from anywhere, be it office, home or while on the go.

“We went from physical servers and having data storage locally – which need maintenance onsite to now having the Cloud,” continues Jilin. “They do our virtual private server which makes things much easier. We’ve added more platforms, as well as more data management systems. They’re able to throw the company on the VPS servers, and we’re able to basically allow all of our employees to have access to those tools.”

The Outcome: One Republic’s Data is Secure and Running More Efficiently

In the end, Barry and One Republic Mortgage were able to completely outsource their IT needs; hardware, software, and people for a small monthly fee that fits their budget. This allows them quick onboarding and offboarding, while keeping everything backed up and secure.

“One Republic has been a client for over a decade,” says Alek Pirkhalo, President & Co-Founder of Infiniwiz. “He can now throw any tech issues at us 24/7, at all levels. We set One Republic up with virtual servers and virtual desktops, keeping it everything cloud based takes the worry off his back so that he can focus on running his business.”

Infiniwiz streamlined the way One Republic Mortgage does business by setting them up with:

With the use of hosted desktops, you can access your files from anywhere. Infiniwiz will store your data on their servers, meaning their experts are available to you and you can rely on them to take care of what you need.

With Office 365 you can be sure that your files are accessible and secure. Through the use of Office 365 files can be edited and shared by multiple people, as well as being synchronized and utilized across multiple platforms.

  • Multiple virtual servers for backup and storage

By implementing virtual servers Infiniwiz saves you the hassle of dealing with physical servers and in-house service providers. Servers should be the last of your worry, let Infiniwiz take care of your server needs by virtualizing them.

  • Two-factor authentication

With two-factor authentication companies are able to ensure that their business is safe from hacking attempts. By restricting access before the two-factor authentication is complete, Infiniwiz ensures business security.

“I would definitely recommend them,” says Barry Jilin, President of One Republic Mortgage. “going to an outsource such as Infiniwiz and having them handle everything instead of doing it in house. It’s like having a whole other team available just for tech.”

“I really personally enjoy working with them,” continues Jilin. “Because we get to have these brainstorm sessions where we can get on the phone and discuss it. We talk out a problem and they come up with creative suggestions of what we could do to improve the way that our company functions.”

Barry’s business is running more efficiently than ever before, thanks to Office 365, the cloud, and Alek’s team at Infiniwiz. Yours can too. Let’s get started. Contact Infiniwiz at (847) 994-1111 or email us at to get answers to all your burning IT questions.