So, you’re looking around for an MSP. You’re not ready to use Infiniwiz, but would like a consultation to make an informed choice? Find out about what we have to offer with our consultation services or a network audit:

    • Comprehensive IT Audits: You’ll know the status of your IT system beyond compliance.

With the same attention to detail that we give our current clients, we’ll provide functional need assessments and establish a roadmap for your IT strategic development. Whether your industry is the legal field, accounting, real estate or a small business, we’ll provide your company leadership insight into budget planning and identify your system’s strengths and weaknesses. And we’ll direct your attention to items that have a critical impact on your business.

    • Individual and Group Training

We’re experts at augmenting employee technical knowledge. We’ll find out where the knowledge gaps are and propose individual and/or group training that will make your employees even more engaged, connected and productive.

    • Virtual Help & Support / Staffing Augmentation

You’ll learn about our virtual help and technical support. You’ll see that by using Infiniwiz as your MSP, we’ll function as a partner to your internal IT department and act as an extension of your team.

When we’re your MSP, you’ll find that you’ll have no IT hassle to deal with. You’ll have access to our technical support people, and even our equipment and software. That way, your business won’t drain its IT existing resources, freeing up your IT department’s valuable time for special projects and professional development.

Our comprehensive IT consultation lets you know the status of your IT technology far beyond minimal compliance standards. At Infiniwiz, the sky’s the limit as to where technology can take you. If you would like to know how we use technology on our client’s behalf as the ultimate business enabler, please give us a call.