According to a recent article from Entrepreneur, companies seeing success with allowing their employees to telecommute have a number of things in common. The article looked at the policies for Kaplan, Aetna, and Intuit — all of whom have been allowing their employees to work from home for many years.

Each place took a long time fully forming its remote worker policies. Each place relies heavily on communication and clearly defined expectations between employees, regardless of location. Each place also relies heavily on the use of technology. And each place has seen great benefits from its remote worker program: cost savings, a reduction in the company’s carbon footprint due to fewer employees driving to work, a far greater talent pool, and the ability to foster a flexible work culture.

If you’re planning to introduce remote worker policies with your staff, you can learn a lot from studying companies such as Kaplan, Aetna, and Intuit, the article noted. And beyond understanding how the policies work, it would also be of great benefit for you to obtain virtual desktop services such as those offered from Infiniwiz.

Infiniwiz’s virtual desktop provides your staff the ability to access their work from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. The service is seriously reliable, highly secure, and it comes with a predictable cost for you. Remote work offerings increased by 26 percent from 2013 to 2014. The vast majority of employers believe that this trend will continue to grow in upcoming years. Isn’t it time you realized all of the benefits of having a remote workforce? We can help.

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