When it comes right down to it, there are three good reasons for call centers to have Hosted VOIP. If you don’t know those reasons, don’t worry; we’re about to share them.

Productivity: By having Hosted VOIP services offsite you are able to allow employees to work from home. Studies have shown that telecommuting boosts job performance, reduces stress, and makes for overall happier employers. Allowing your workers to spend more time with their loved ones also means you are less likely to lose your best employees to another company.

Cost: Allowing employees to telecommute reduces business overhead. Cost savings can be seen in fewer missed days, lower turn-over rate, and reduced real estate costs. Since calls can be routed to, or from, any phone or internet-accessible device, you are able to schedule remote employees when needs are highest. This also means a wider hiring pool; a lack of commute means you can hire any qualified candidate for telephone work no matter where they are physically located.

Contingency: Hosted VOIP has a built-in backup plan. Since calls are made using the internet, if anything should happen locally – such as an Internet outage – your business will still be fully functional. Outgoing calls can be made with a computer, and incoming calls can be routed to either a computer or a cell phone.

Implementing Hosted VOIP is not solely for call centers with a strong telecommuting work force, though. Restaurants, schools, and even hospitals can also benefit from an off-site means of communicating with the public. The bottom line is that if you’re in business you need to be able to communicate, and Hosted VOIP is a great way to keep the lines open.

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