It may be somewhat of an oversimplification to describe an iPad or Android tablet as a notebook computer that has had a frontal lobotomy. It really depends on how you use that handheld wonder, but can you do the same thing with a tablet that you can do with a full-powered laptop or notebook?

The same goes for some lower-capacity notebook computers – as compared to a desktop power computer – especially since they must be loaded with their operating system and all the expensive enterprise applications to make the user truly mobile.

Both examples – tablets and laptops – illustrate how sometimes we must forgo complexity to achieve the benefits of simplicity in terms of size and portability. But what if we could add a fully capable desktop to both?

If American philosopher Henry David Thoreau had been born 150 years later and had gone into computer software development, he’d had come up with the idea of hosted desktop services. Thoreau urged a simpler lifestyle based on pretty good advice: “Simplify!” Hosted desktop services not only simplify, but they also standardize.

Thoreau also said, “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” His pithy observation is also applicable to the hosted desktop. It’s also another way of describing return on investment (ROI). If your office and mobile workstations are running the typical eclectic mix of independent desktops and applications with attendant file clutter and wasted time attending to just keeping everything going, it’s probably time to head for the cloud.

The thing about the cloud is its potential for evening the odds for the small business entrepreneur to compete successfully against the bigger players. At the risk of torturing the Thoreau metaphor, it could be said that web browsers are today’s best example of “cyber transcendentalism.”

With the web browser’s access to everything out there and the explosion of hosted services – from software as a service to cloud backup to hosted desktop, it’s all there. And you don’t need your own IT infrastructure to tap into and support it.

So, returning to the aforementioned lobotomized – yet portably convenient – handheld devices, you can use the cloud and affix your company’s hosted desktop and make it pocket-sized and portable. Everything on the desktop is secured through controlled access and is backed up against loss.

If you’re looking to streamline and simplify your operation and come to the cloud, contact us. We’ll show you how to convert your IT support from the unpredictable to a lower budgeted cost and higher return on investment.