VoIP technology has come a long way and it is no surprise that its implementation is on the rise. Today many are opting for VoIP for their business because of its many attractive features. For one, VoIP is cutting call cost dramatically because it uses the latest in broadband technology rather than PSTN. For businesses it has enhanced the capabilities of telecommuting. A VoIP PBX has the capability of uniting telecommuters with business headquarters using one manageable phone network.

Here are some of the most attractive standard VoIP features features for your firm:

• Long distance calling is made simpler and more cost effective, connecting individuals throughout the U.S. and Canada unlimited. Many individuals report saving up to %50 using VoIP for long distance within the U.S. and Canada.
• VoIP maintains traditional phone capabilities without the added cost or hassle. Call waiting, speed dial, 3-way calling, call mute, transfer, and *67 blocking among other features are available with a standard VoIP system.
• Standard VoIP services include a music on hold feature. This makes waiting on hold a more pleasant experience for the caller. Also, it is fully customizable; you can include tips and answers to frequently asked questions to play back while cutomers wait.
• The auto-attendant or virtual assistant feature allows the user to customize and personalize a greeting for callers. In addition, the auto-assistant can transfer calls through the company directory, send a caller to a virtual conferencing room, or to a certain individual’s voicemail. The auto-attendant can also send a call to a cell phone for increased mobility.
• Easy integration using Softphone. The Softphone feature allows the user to dial a call directly from their computer and works flawlessly in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook.

Infiniwiz specializes in providing VoIP for a multitude of different types of companies. Because Infiniwiz delivers the same IT technology of Fortune 500 tech firms, they are capable of offering top-notch products and services to small and medium size organizations. Infiniwiz can analyze your business structure and effectively determine what type of system will be best for your specific requirements. We invite you to contact us for more information.