Do you remember the days when working meant going to an office where you were essentially stuck for several hours a day? Now you can put that memory in the past. “Anywhere accessibility” is one of the many hosted desktop benefits.

With Infiniwiz’s hosted desktop services, you can access your virtual desktop from any computer with an internet connection. The desktop is also accessible from a smartphone or tablet. Connections are supported by the best security available and complete user training and 24/7 technical support is available. Because all of your data is in one location, on a shared drive, and all of your applications are available on a single server, the days of trying to find the information you need are gone too. It’s all right there for you, wherever you are.

Beyond having the ability to work from home, on the road, and even on vacation, there are many other benefits of the hosted desktop service as well. Reliability is one. Through the use of enterprise level servers, redundant architecture, and advanced virtualization software, we’re able to provide you a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee or your money back.

Hosted desktop also gives your employees the benefit of advanced collaboration capabilities. You’ll have access to unlimited memory and CPU resources, as well as shared data drives and folders for internal company use. Every user will have Microsoft Office Professional and the familiar Windows environment to work within. We will also install any application you need for your business, including industry specific applications of QuickBooks, TimeMatters, and more. We put the control in your hands, deciding which folder each user has access to and the ability to block access to websites.

There are far too many benefits that come with our hosted desktop service to list them all here, but we’d love to tell you more. Contact us today for further information.