Managing the applications and desktops of your employees can turn out to be a big expense of money, resources and time. Virtual desktops offer a change from a physical piece of hardware of the personal computer to an instant gateway to all your documents, photos, spreadsheets, software applications and PowerPoint presentations. Some hosted desktop benefits include:

• Good user experience even if user has low bandwidth
• Desktop access from pretty much anywhere
• Desktop access on multiple devices
• Increased business security and continuity features
• Continued access to important business applications
• Saves on both money and time

Additional hosted desktop benefits include:

More Control

The virtual desktop provides you with more control in various ways. You can modify the hosted desktop directly and have more control than you would with the traditional desktop. With active directory, data is centrally stored allowing you instant control to adjust access to the data or to the virtual desktop itself.


No matter where they are, your employees can now be productive from anywhere and from any device. Whether they are on their desktop, laptop or Android, they have access to their hosted desktop and business applications and their productivity will be just as it is on their traditional office computer. It does not matter if you are on the road, at home or in the office, you have universal access to your desktop which offers you flexibility and increased productivity.

Increased Collaboration

Hosted Desktops enable your employees to be more collaborative, share network resources and connect throughout your company all through a remote access. Applications like Exchange Server and Outlook will provide your employees with a way to gain access to contact information, shared calendars and prevent mismanagement and overbooking of important business contacts. It will also help to enhance internal communications simplicity.

Increase Employee Retention and Satisfaction

Consider how much loyalty you will earn if an employee with children is allowed to work from their home without having to take a vacation day. Also, hosted desktops can mean the difference between offering an employee an arrangement to work from home versus having to request a leave of absence or having to resign in order to care for family matters.

There are many hosted desktop benefits with the Cloud server. Not only does it offer increased employee retention, productivity and more control, but it is also 30 times more efficient in energy than having to leave an office server running all day.

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