If you’re still wondering what the main hosted desktop benefits are, consider this: A recent study from researchers at Stanford University suggests that those who work from home are more productive than those who work in the office. According to a recent article from Stuff, a study of 250 workers from one company showed a 13 percent increase in productivity with those who worked from home versus those who didn’t.

The telecommuters were able to add additional minutes to their work day due to having a quieter environment at home, the article stated. They also reported a higher level of satisfaction and a decrease in “work exhaustion.” The study backed up findings from a Penn State study that — with the use of sleep monitors — found that those who have a more flexible work schedule got nearly an hour more of sleep each night than those who had a rigid schedule.

Have you been wanting to provide a more flexible schedule for your employees? Have you been looking for ways to help them to be more satisfied on the job and more productive? If you’re looking to join the growing number of businesses who allow and encourage telecommuting, hosted desktop services from Infiniwiz can help.

Our services provide access anywhere where there’s an internet connection, enabling work to be done at home or even on vacation. What’s more, that accessibility isn’t just for those who use computers. Your employees can access the hosted desktop from their smart phone or tablet as well. And while they’ve got the access, features such as folder permissions and easy creation or deletion of users keeps the control firmly in your hands.

There are a ton of reasons to get hosted desktop for your business, and improved productivity and work satisfaction are a couple of really great ones. We’d love to tell you about the others! Contact us for more information.