Hosted Desktop and BYOD are both fast developing trends in today’s IT world. Each has significant advantages in its own right. But when combined, they can deliver even greater benefits.

BYOD is an acronym for “Bring Your Own Device,” the practice of employees using their own personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops on the job. Surveys reveal that for a growing number of workers, the ability to use their own devices in their work is a major contributor to their job satisfaction. Plus, when employees use their own smartphones or laptops, the company can benefit from substantially lower hardware and IT infrastructure costs.

There are, however, some important potential downsides to BYOD. Chief among them are concerns about data security. When employees access company systems using their own computers or smartphones, data downloaded to those devices may be much less secure. For example, what happens if a worker’s smartphone, with its stored records of business emails and text messages, is lost or stolen? BYOD can pose a significant risk to the integrity of a company’s sensitive data.

Yet surveys indicate that BYOD is happening whether companies want it or not. A significant number of employees will use the devices they are familiar with and depend on in other aspects of their lives, even if their employers discourage or actually forbid the practice. BYOD is a reality businesses cannot avoid.

That’s where a hosted desktop approach can help, by minimizing the data security exposures that are inherent in BYOD.

In a hosted desktop environment users are presented with a desktop view that appears to be resident on their device. But it’s not. The desktop, and all the applications and data with which it interacts, is actually housed in the cloud, on a server. The user’s transactions with that data all happen on the server, rather than in the user’s device. So sensitive information need never be downloaded and stored on the device itself. If the device is lost or stolen, or even if it is compromised by a malware attack, the company’s data, safely housed in highly secure cloud servers and not on the device, remains safe.

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