Small businesses can now play in the big leagues with the use of today’s hosted desktops. They offer small businesses cloud-based IT that’s comparable to any big corporate IT departments without the cost. With hosted desktops you can also literally have your business at your fingertips anywhere in the world without having to be a jet-setter. These are just two of the many benefits of the cloud-based hosted desktop.

More key benefits include:

• Access of the desktop – online by all employees through PCs, tablets, thin clients, or smartphones.
• Automatic updates – of the latest technology without the headaches of manually updating and the hours this would take for all your business computer systems.
• Flexible working – for employees that can allow them to work from home. This work-from-home option will increase the area from which you can pull workforce and increases employee moral and productivity.
• Centralized data – keeps all your important data at your fingertips instead of spread out among multiple computers, making it more efficient to find what you need, when you need it.
• Productive team work – is accomplished with ease due to sharing of documents, calenders, folders, etc. across the entire team.
• Lower IT costs – with a pay for what you need only.
• Less time to manage and maintain – allowing you more time to grow your business instead.
• Reduced costs of physical assets – as there is no need to spend money on new computers, servers, or software licensing upgrades, allowing you to spend this money in other areas that your business has need.
• Integration of applications – that ensures applications can interact with one another and are secure.
• Secure logon – using encryption and the ability to restrict users from certain files, folders, or applications.
• Fixed monthly cost – allowing easier budgeting with no unexpected costs.

Making the move to a hosted desktop service for your business can save you time and money, which at the end of the day is the most important benefits for any business. To learn more about our hosted desktop service contact us.