A hosted desktop allows users to access all of the features of a PC desktop computer, without being in the office environment. This is beneficial in several ways, particularly if your business is needing to become more mobile. Since all data and software stores safely on secure, remote data centers, employees can access their data from anywhere. This is a convenient and secure way to access data for employees who telecommute or travel often for business.

Say Goodbye to IT Worries

When IT issues arise, they are a huge hassle. A hosted desktop provider takes the worry out of software licensing and hardware maintenance. They perform all upgrades to software, buy the necessary licensing and fix or replace any malfunctioning hardware. Another plus is that they handle any issues with viruses or malware, which can cause severe downtime.

Greater Data Security and Data Recovery

Hosted desktop solutions have antivirus software and firewalls in place so that your data is safe from possible virus attacks. Encrypted data transfers help prevent hackers from accessing your network.

With a hosted desktop solution, backups of your company data occur on a regular basis. Your business will not suffer from extensive downtime due to server crashes or other unforeseeable events.

Grow Your Business From Anywhere

Hosted desktops provide flexibility for you and your employees. As employees are needing to work away from the office, you are still able to assign projects to specific employees regardless of their location. They are able to access their desktop, mail, and company data at any time. If you are considering opening multiple locations, you can rest assured that your company’s infrastructure will remain the same regardless of its access point.

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