Hosted desktops are an exciting solution to many computer problems that small businesses have. Your maintenance is covered in your subscription and hosted desktops are the only solution that travel better than any mobile device.

How Do They Work?

With hosted desktops, you and your staff can take your entire office anywhere you go. It’s not about lugging your laptops and zip drives around. You can log onto your virtual desktop from any machine you like anywhere in the world.

The solution is secure because engineers back up your data with redundant architecture and they store it on enterprise level servers. Your system will also include virus protection, firewall, nightly backup and top-level anti-virus and anti-spam software.

The solution is practical because your business will have access to unlimited CPU and memory and you never have to pay for more of it. In addition, all your files and data are in one place.

Hosted desktop prices are the best IT prices available. The starting monthly fee is $159, which includes dedicated server and first user. Additional users can be added for a monthly fee ranging from $42 to $62 per user. If you compare it with a managed IT solution, the monthly fee per user ranges from $50 to $80. Also, you often have to pay extra fees for on-site visits to the tune of $100 – $200 and sometimes there are more fees on top of that.

Every time you call on a freelance IT support person, you pay a fee of $100 to $150 and there might be extra fees on top of that; and according to recent statistics, for every IT staff member you hire, the salary will range from $24,000 to $86,000 a year depending on their duties.

Don’t pay more than you have to. Contact us to learn more about hosted desktops for your business today!