Get all the features and functionality your business needs!

The following features are ALL included with any Virtual Desktop plan from Infiniwiz at NO EXTRA COST.


  • Unlimited memory and CPU resources
  • Familiar Windows environment with MS Server 2012 R2 and 2016
  • Microsoft Office Professional for every user
  • Any application can be installed including industry specific applications such as QuickBooks, TimeMatters, etc.
  • Shared data drives and folders for internal company use


  • Access to Virtual Desktop from any computer with Internet connection
  • Access to Virtual Desktop from any smart phone or tablet such as the iPad


  • All information stored in a Tier 3 data center for complete physical security
  • 24×7 onsite personnel, advanced fire protection and HVAC system
  • Advanced firewall with custom policies to protect from spam, viruses, spoofing, phishing, spyware, denial of service and data leaks.
  • Advanced virus/spam protection with definitions updated hourly
  • Nightly onsite backups and monthly offsite backups
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee or your money back


  • Folder permissions defining what data each user has access to
  • Block access to websites preventing employees from browsing sites like Facebook, Twitter or You Tube
  • Create/delete/migrate/disable user with one phone call/email/ticket


  • Complete monitoring of the internal structure of your server
  • 24×7 phone, ticket and email support
  • Server updates and patches applied per industry standards
  • Resolution of server performance issues
  • Complete migration assistance including data, applications, databases, profiles, etc…
  • Custom setup of new user profiles including setup of drives, printers, email, data transfer, etc…
  • Training of users including how to access and use the Virtual Desktop
  • Application support*
  • Help with creating/deleting users and resetting passwords

*At Infiniwiz, we provide support of industry specific applications such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, TimeMatters, Point, Encompass, etc. including such tasks as installation of software, installation of updates for those applications when requested by customer. As part of the service, we also provide basic troubleshooting of application issues such as startup glitches and crashes, where we determine the cause of the problem, resolve the issue if it is related to Virtual Desktop or point you in the right direction for a solution if it is not caused by our service.