Hosted PBX is such an advantage over using analog phone systems that it might be surprising it’s taken so long for companies to finally use it. Here at Infiniwiz, we’ve attributed that to just a lack of education about what those benefits really are, especially in saving money. But now a report is out showing that small to mid-sized companies have taken on hosted PBX service in the last year. More specifically, those sales grew 20% in 2013.

As of this year, the reports says 60% of all small and mid-sized companies this year have decided to use hosted PBX. The reasons are becoming quite loud and clear, with one of the main ones being that companies don’t have to worry about phone bills from a phone company. By using our hosted PBX solution here at Infiniwiz, you only have to pay a flat monthly rate for a service giving you more features than analog phones do anyway.

What other reasons are the above businesses finding with hosted PBX that can benefit your own company?

Higher Productivity

While saving money is always a top priority with every company and likely your own, gaining higher productivity has to be generally tied for first place. When using a hosted PBX system, you can create interoffice extension numbers from various locations so you don’t have to worry about using separate lines in order to reach specific departments.

Mobility, also, is something that many companies absolutely need in order to communicate better. This can be accomplished by connecting those extension numbers through cell phones so easy communication with the office or customers can be established when you or an employee is on the go.

No doubt many of the above companies didn’t initially realize that hosted PBX has such a vast array of auto-attendant features going beyond just the ordinary. We offer many different options, including a personal assistant voice easily leading your customers to the right department without having to hire phone attendants.

Even better is the chance of scalability with this service since it’s all online. As your business grows, we can add more features when you need them to help you deal with the expanse of more customer calls.

Contact us here at Infiniwiz to find out more about our hosted PBX service. Let us help you find higher productivity as the above companies did who’ve realized the extreme advantages hosted PBX provides in bringing business efficiency.