Hosted PBX is a digital phone system that many companies (both small and large) appreciate because of its ability to combine analog and digital phone systems. But while the technology itself is helping so many companies make the hurdle over the digital divide, providers of hosted PBX need to provide a sense of quality. Companies are on the lookout for quality of service, including pricing.

There isn’t any better evidence of this than now with new reports of how hosted PBX companies are suddenly doing well on the stock market for the first time. We haven’t really seen hosted PBX companies go public at this level, which bodes well for the technology being used in companies small and large.

According to GuruFocus, three major telecom companies are rising on the stock market this year, with all offering high-quality hosted PBX and VoIP services. Names like Vonage, RingCentral, and Verizon are all names you’ve heard before.

While they all have excellent pricing models and assure hosted PBX solutions as a popular choice, you have many other companies that provide the same high quality service to you. We’re one of them here at Infiniwiz where we assure the best quality in more ways than one.

Assurance of Quality and Service

You probably noticed those above hosted PBX companies save companies up to 30% on their phone bills. It’s no different with us where customers see a dramatic shift in phone expenses since you’re getting away from the excess fees of phone companies. Saving up to 30% or more on your bill adds up exponentially over time, even though saving money doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have reliable service.

With our dependable and monitored network, you’re guaranteed security, plus fast support when you need it. Most of all, is the connectivity and mobility you’ll experience throughout your company and while out in the field. Your staff has opportunities for instant communication to stay competitive. You’ll never have to worry about your phone systems going out in the middle of an important conversation.

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