Maybe you read about the service from a tech magazine. Maybe you heard about it from a friend or a client. Perhaps you’re already considering obtaining the service, but you’d like to know a little more about the many hosted PBX benefits. Here are just a few.

* Functionality. Infiniwiz’s hosted VoIP service provides you with a number of luxury PBX features including advanced call forwarding, a custom interactive virtual receptionist, call recording, voicemail to email, and advanced call distribution. And it’s all included in the service.

* Connectivity. Your various offices can now have a single number with extensions, as though they were all located in the same place. Your single phone network can even include telecommuters.

* Flexibility. You’re in control with our user-friendly control panel. No more waiting for IT to make changes to your system. Add phones, rearrange them, view detailed activity logs.

* Disaster recovery. Don’t miss those important customer calls while you’re dealing with the unexpected. Your virtual receptionist can take the calls for you or they can be routed to your cell phones.

* Cost savings. Up to 50 percent savings when compared to traditional phone lines, due to the lower cost of making calls over your broadband connection. Long distance calls and per call charges are a thing of the past. Additionally, phones can be leased to further save you money on upfront investment.

* Emergency enabled. Simply update your location and have important access to e911.

As stated, these are just a few of the benefits of our hosted PBX service. We’d love to tell you more. Contact us for more information.