A hosted PBX system gives you a lot of flexibility in your company if you want the choice of having your phone system over an analog line or off the Internet. This technology allows both options at once, though the advantage is no longer worrying about phone company bills and expensive hardware. But perhaps you’ve balked at using a hosted PBX solution because of fears of security.

Here at Infiniwiz, we’re aware of perceived security fears when it comes to switching to digital telecommunications. However, you have nothing to fear with a hosted PBX system because it’s a managed system with 24/7 monitoring. While the media has portrayed the cloud recently as a dangerous digital tool that’s easy for hackers to tap into, this isn’t the case with proper security.

In reality, the cloud is the safest place to store data when there’s a dedicated team to manage it all. It’s something we guarantee through our own staff who work behind the scenes to keep your phone system running efficiently at all times. This includes automatic upgrades and maintenance so you never have to worry about upgrading yourself or buying new, expensive hardware.

You also don’t have to worry about any analog phone ever being bugged if you think such a thing could happen. While bugging sounds like an archaic term, it’s still out there with technology that’s barely detectable. It’s not impossible for someone to tap your phone line to gain competitive information, though this can’t happen with a hosted PBX system.

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