PBX phone systems have become the standard for many businesses large and small. However, hosted PBX systems are gaining in popularity due to the flexibility and lower costs. There are many hosted PBX benefits that small business owners can take advantage of. As phone systems play a large role in a company’s overall strategy, it is even more important to discover your options with a hosted PBX system.

How Hosted PBX Systems Work

A hosted PBX system works in the same way an installed PBX system does. The major difference is that the hosting company operates and maintains the system for you. A small business rents the use of the virtual PBX system, thus cutting costs without losing quality of service.

Reduced Costs

The immediate savings of a hosted PBX system is in the maintenance. Installed PBX can cost thousands of dollars in maintenance due to the set-up involved. If your system requires complex routing, chances are there will be some maintenance issues involved sooner than later. Hosted PBX eliminates this issue because the hosting company takes care all required maintenance. They are highly experienced in maintaining the phone systems so downtime is greatly reduced as well.


Expanding your phone system is easy with hosted PBX. As your business grows, you can easily add multiple phone lines. You will have access to all of the major features of PBX such as call forwarding, virtual fax, and more. Your business has access to the same features major companies spend thousands of dollars on to have PBX installed and hosted in-house. Your employees can work from any location and still use the same professional phone system.

The cost savings, flexibility and features of a hosted PBX system makes it the perfect phone system solution for any small business.

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