A computer desktop, much like its real-world counterpart — a coffee-stained, paper-cluttered, triple-tiered inbox adorned surface of a real desk — tends over time to need a complete sanitizing. Our work space becomes a second home, and our computer chugs along with all that personal junk we’ve accumulated, misfiled and forgotten about.

Our junk magnets are the eclectic array of applications loaded long ago and replete with obsolete data files — spreadsheets you’ve devised and abandoned, word documents you’re keeping “for the record” and interesting (though huge) PowerPoint presentations you’ve collected over the years that reside on your shrinking hard drive.

And what about all that stuff embedded in your Registry that runs uselessly in the background? You know it’s there, because your system loads about as quickly as an overweight runner gets out of the starting gate.

Time for a fall cleaning?

Take a few moments and inspect your PC desktops and network. Before you do that, if you’re the boss or manager, it might be a good idea to give your employees a heads-up so they can do a bit of Angry Bird and Facebook housecleaning in advance.

Your inspection will, no doubt, result in the following discoveries:

• No two desktops will be identical. Some will be covered with file and application shortcuts. Others will be clean, but with vast start menus and wide launch bars.
• Application files (documents, spreadsheets, etc.) will either be placed on the desktop, in the My Documents folder, or languish in sub-subfolders with arcane and indecipherable names that even the owner can’t remember.
• You need to clean up the mess and get organized.

Hosted virtual desktops are just what you need to accomplish the third bullet point above. They are the ideal solution for small businesses because:

• They are “in the cloud.” You subscribe to the plan that meets your needs and accesses the suite of applications via the net from any location and on a variety of devices.
• Your software support, maintenance and upgrades are no longer “out of the box.” That’s all done by nerdy, but extremely friendly and dedicated folks, who really want your experience with their product to be first rate.
• You can begin to get into the true collaboration mode and not worry about the headaches of hosting and maintaining privacy.
• File storage and backup is part of the deal — and that’s a really big deal for obvious reasons.

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