If you’re one of the few companies that still uses a traditional landline to manage office calls, you’ve likely been thinking about switching over to VoIP for quite some time now. You can see that landline providers know they’re on the way out, and you can tell they are over-charging you for your service. However, if you’re a larger company or a small, well-established company, you might have some understandable concerns about switching over to an entirely new system. Many business owners and managers find themselves asking questions like:

    • Will my staff adapt?
    • Is it complicated?
    • Are there any hidden fees?
    • Is it reliable? It runs over the Internet after all.
    • What’s the quality like?
    • Is it professional?

The answer to all of your questions is simple. With Infiniwiz Hosted VoIP, there’s no need for you to feel concerned about switching over — even if you’re switching from a very old system or switching over a very large office.

Simple and Scalable

Managing your VoIP phone platform is easier than managing your traditional landline. You can manage all of your phones through a web-based control panel, or through the phones themselves. Your staff can also manage their own phones. You can also add phones as your business grows.

Keep your existing phone numbers and get the business functions you would expect including:

    • Paging and intercom,
    • Music on hold,
    • Unlimited US and Canada calling,
    • Virtual reception,
    • Voicemail to email,
    • Call forwarding,
    • Call recording and screening,
    • Call routing,
    • Call logs, and so much more

Very Affordable

Most customers save 50% or more on their phone bill. Your calls are traveling over your high-speed internet connection, so it’s a much cheaper option.

Prepared for Anything

In addition to maintaining call logs, recording calls and converting voice mails to text — so that you can always have records of calls when you need them, if your Internet goes out for any reason, the system will still answer your calls with a virtual receptionist and forward calls to your cell phones, until you resolve the problem.

In Winter 2014-2015, many workers had to telecommute because the weather conditions were unbearable and unsafe. In addition, more and more companies are hiring for jobs that are partially or completely telecommute. VoIP phone systems can travel with your staff, and they can receive, place and transfer calls remotely.

Need More Hosted VoIP Answers?

Infiniwiz offers VoIP call quality that is crystal clear; and our virtual receptionist, on hold music and overall call presentation is extremely professional. Make your business stand out from the competition, and save money at the same time. Give us a call today!