Hosted VoIP has become the true answer for better connectivity and saving money in corporations around the world. But we haven’t heard about how it’s also helping other organizations, particularly schools. An example of this is a recent report that’s localized in Barstow, California, yet shows an example of how much money VoIP saves.

In the report this last March from the Desert Dispatch, Barstow Unified School District decided to use VoIP for the first time in their school thanks to a bid by Verizon and through a government program. After VoIP usage, the school ultimately saved $5000 a month off phone charges they had prior while using a phone company.

That’s an incredible amount of savings for just a school. It also proves how much phone companies really charge you, especially when you have to start making long-distance calls. For a company or business, you can just imagine how much phone calls cost once the company starts burgeoning.

Perhaps this is happening to your own company. It could also be happening to a school you run, and you need to find some solutions fast to pare down the yearly budget.

How does VoIP work for schools, and what advantages does it have outside of the monetary savings?

Better Connectivity for Schools

Schools have to make consistent calls to parents, numerous organizations, and businesses to keep things running efficiently. Through VoIP, connectivity is so much easier because the phone system is through an Internet line rather than analog phone. This means reaching other departments in the school faster, becoming more mobile, plus better interactions with parents or others associated with your school.

It overall brings an efficiency to taking or making calls like you’ve never seen before. Since VoIP is through the cloud, data is internal so you have everything you need with each caller. This is essential when you need to reach parents in a hurry during times students have an emergency.

On the business side, you’ll never have to miss important calls again thanks to VoIP letting you become mobile, including hearing voice mails wherever you go.

Once again, the savings will be a revelation to you, including having a flat-rate every month that’s consistent and not fluctuating.

Here at Infiniwiz, we’re here to help your school, company, or small business with not only VoIP, but also a comprehensive IT consultation service to help make everything run more efficiently.

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