Hosted VoIP for a small business is going to make a significant difference in the budget returns at the end of each year. That’s because the cost savings are tremendous when switching to a VoIP system in comparison to dealing with the sometimes exorbitant charges of analog phone systems. Even better, hosted VoIP can make small businesses look much larger than they really are based squarely on VoIP phone features once only available to corporations.

How Much Can a Small Business Really Save?

When you have a hosted VoIP system set up in your business, you don’t have to worry about spending money on equipment. All you need is an existing Internet line and possibly routers. At Infiniwiz, installation is free, and we maintain everything because it’s all internal. Over time, even more cost savings will be had because there isn’t equipment to upgrade.

Hosted VoIP is Very Mobile

All your calls are hosted through our server so calls can be fielded anywhere you are on the planet. And you don’t have to worry about extra phone charges when calling from around the country, because long distance charges in the U.S. don’t exist on hosted VoIP. All you’ll have is a very affordable flat rate you pay every month.

The Chances of Looking Like a Big Business

You have many strong features through our hosted VoIP service that can give the impression you’re a larger business than you really are. One of those is the virtual receptionist that’s essentially a computer voice that guides you through all the menus and directories of your company. The virtual receptionist is easily customizable to configure what greeting you want and even what gender voice to use.
While a virtual receptionist might make your business look more grown up, the conference room feature will make you look downright state of the art. Through this feature, you can set up a phone call with various people inside or outside the company for a group discussion. A caller can be led in there through the virtual receptionist feature and by entering a password.
If you want holding music, that’s also available as you hear on big business phone systems. You’ll also make your small business look better organized by the easier call transferral method of call parking. This feature allows anyone in the building to pick up a call on another phone set so important calls can be continued while on the move to another location.
As you can see, your small business is about to appear very big league once you decide to go with a hosted VoIP service. Let Infiniwiz provide that option for you. With flat rates starting at only $35.99 for a small business of 11 to 20 people, you have everything to gain financially and your business’s reputation.
Contact us to set up an appointment so we can get you started without any valuable time wasted.