One of the main, and sometimes overlooked, benefits of hosted desktops for medical practices and other businesses that handle patient data is the added layer of security they add to ePHI data. There are many news articles out there reporting HIPAA violations stemming from the theft of a single computer such as this recent press release from HHS stating that Cancer Care Group, P.C. in Indiana has agreed to pay $750,000 for a breach caused by the theft of one employee’s laptop. In fact, according to a recent article on Legal Levity, desktops, laptops, and portable electronics accounted for 10% of all HIPAA violations between 2009 – 2015. When not accounting for the massive 2015 breach of Anthem BCBS, that figure jumps to a whopping 40% of all HIPAA violations during that period.

Hosted desktops help reduce this risk by moving data off of a traditional physical PC and onto a secure server in a data center. While the desktops appear no different to end-users, no data resides on the devices used to access the hosted desktop. If these devices are stolen nothing is lost other than a piece of easily replaceable hardware. This means minimal replacement costs, no HIPAA violations to report, and no fines to pay.

Why spend hours of your IT staff’s valuable time imaging and encrypting laptops and desktops when hosted desktops are more secure, easier to maintain, and accessible from anywhere. Contact us today to find out how we can help you to better secure your ePHI data and keep your business HIPAA compliant.