“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.” Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

There’s been a lot of buzz throughout every industry about cloud network design solutions. However, is a cloud network necessarily right for your business?

With so much information out there, if you’re not an IT expert, it can be hard to know which direction is right for your business or organization. This is especially true if your business is growing out of its current in-house IT network and you worry it’s time for change. However, you might also be like many other organizations. You built your network before cloud solutions were an option. You’re happy with your current network and you’re just unsure if it’s safe or even necessary to make a dramatic change.

Cloud solutions are great:

    1. If you have limited funds and can’t invest in an in-house network, equipment, software and a staff to manage it,
    2. If you have a lot of virtual workers, or
    3. If you’re just starting out with small business

However, if your internet goes down, (an issue completely controlled by your local ISP); you won’t have access to your company’s server, data or records.

There are Several Cases Where In-House Servers are Still the Best Solution

In-house networks are ideal for organizations that handle highly secure data like financial and health records. In-house servers offer you complete control of your network and its security parameters. In addition, you only pay for its initial build and upgrades. There are no monthly subscription fees. However, your software licenses and software upgrades will cost you, (sometimes annually).

Unfortunately, scalability isn’t as quick or affordable with an in-house network as it is for a cloud network. You are also responsible for your own security and network management. For modern business, that means you must work with an expert cyber-security team.

Contact us today at Infiniwiz. We offer robust virtual and in-house network architecture solutions. We understand that for some businesses, cloud solutions simply aren’t secure enough.