Infiniwiz serves the Chicagoland area with quality IT services that increase your productivity while giving you a better return on your technology investment. They’re also very involved in their community and believe in working to ensure that the Chicago area remains one of the best places on earth for live entertainment, arts, music, and good food.

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Supporting Good Causes in the Chicagoland Area

That’s just one of the reasons why Infiniwiz recently donated to the Lisker Music Foundation (LMF), a non-profit 501(c) organization in Chicago. Lisker believes that music and the arts are the heart and soul of a thriving community. Though academic studies are important, art and music really bring out the beauty and the personality of an individual or a city.

People can come together in unity when they hear an amazing piece of music or view a work of art like Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

The Arts Unite People

Art and music help people from every background to feel a stronger sense of morality and a kindred spirit. Communities start to remember how important it is to care for others around them. That’s just a bit of the Mission Statement from Lisker Music Foundation.

Lisker Music Foundation uses donations to create new programs for artists and musicians while offering important educational resources to the community.

Regardless of whether or not you enjoy live entertainment, you have to admit that it does bring people together in a special way and that’s one of the things Chicago is most known for.

Bringing the Best Out of Your Technology Solutions

Infiniwiz is proud to be part of the Chicagoland community. They strive to help area businesses reap the rewards of utilizing the right Business Technology solutions. This requires more than simply buying expensive hardware and software. You also need a skilled team of IT specialists who understand how to implement technology so it works for you and not against you.

The world of Information Technology is evolving and it can be hard to keep up the pace. But with the Infiniwiz team on your side, you can count on getting innovative solutions that drive success for your business.

Donate to Lisker

If you’d like to donate to the Lisker Music Foundation or find out more about how they serve the Chicagoland area, please visit their website here. Until then, we hope you’ll think of Infiniwiz, the IT services company in Chicago that understands how to design technology so that it provides as much value as possible for your business.

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