Infiniwiz offers a wider variety of services than infrastructure as a service. We also offer consultation services such as comprehensive IT audits. There are a number of reasons a company may need such an audit; to be awarded some government contracts, for an insurance discount, or to gain or retain ISO certification are a couple of them. Last but not least, there is the most important reason of all: to know that your company has a secure, robust and reliable system in place, or to know where there are problems which need to be addressed.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has standards for information systems which address accessibility by the disabled, elderly and people with a variety of impairments. ISO standards apply not only to building and design of computer equipment, but also to acquisition and evaluation of systems. Systems include not just computers, but a variety of peripheral equipment including office machines in general, the environments in which they are used, and supporting communications systems. Clearly, the standards which must be met can be extensive, and an IT audit is a serious and comprehensive undertaking.

To assign the audit in house means that your people will have to be taken off of their regular duties, and, unless they are already certification experts, educate themselves in a whole new and complex discipline. Using the services of a professional IT auditor means that you can contract for the discipline and be sure that the audit standards applied are up to date, complete, and correctly understood. Also an external audit may be required by some regulatory bodies the same way that regulators usually require a professional accountant to audit financial transactions.

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