The sloth is native to South America, lives in the trees, and is known for its exceedingly slow speed.

How slow? — An excruciating thirteen feet per minute.

Compared to the cheetah’s 6,600 feet per minute, the sloth is practically standing still.

So, if you want someone that will reliably show up quickly, pick the cheetah.

But if you’re just looking for cute – the sloth’s a good call.

When it comes to reliable IT services in Schaumberg, Illinois, “cute” isn’t good enough. You need someone that is going to show up, get the job done quickly, and follow through on their promises.

Why hire a sloth when you can run with a cheetah?

Reliability and speed are important.  For your company to have any consistency, your technology has to work flawlessly.

That is precisely what you need from your Schaumberg, Illinois team for reliable IT services.

Important Qualities Reliable IT Services Companies Have

For business partnerships to succeed, they must be based on trust and clear expectations. reports that 80 percent of all partnerships garnered between two corporations will ultimately fail.  If you want your relationship with your technology team to be one of the success stories, it starts with ensuring that the partner you choose has these specific qualities.

  • Stellar Communication Skills—Clear and precise communication skills are critical to a positive working relationship. For a partnership to succeed, effective communication is an absolute must. It is the bedrock of all collaborative efforts, and without it, working relationships fall victim to unfulfilled expectations, unmet deadlines, and disgruntled clients.
  • Unimpeachable Reputation—If a man’s word is his bond, a company’s reputation tells you everything you need to know about them. If you are considering a partnership with a technology company that no one seems to have a good word to say about, you should run away faster than a cheetah!
  • Positive Interactions with Staff and Customers—Attitude is infectious. A positive one builds people up and encourages strong relationships and company growth, but a negative one tears through a business like cancer. In searching for a reliable IT services firm, take a look at their employees.  Do they seem happy? Do they enjoy the company of their colleagues? Is their work environment uplifting and positive? If the company culture is negative, your experience working with them likely will be too.
  • Commitment to Excellence—It’s not enough for your IT services provider to do a “good enough” job. You are committed to the highest quality standards, and you expect the same from your business partnerships. If you see your technology team “cutting corners” – like a sloth would -, you know it’s time to cut them loose. Going the extra mile in business will take more of your time and sometimes cost you money, but the long-term rewards of conscientious, thoughtful work processes are immeasurable. Your company is the best in its market, and you want to partner with only the very best for reliable IT services.
  • Ongoing Professional Development—It’s important to make a firm commitment to continual learning especially when it comes to technology. IT is a field that moves at a rapid pace, and it’s difficult to stay on top of technical innovation. That’s why it is so important to search for a reliable IT services company that makes continuous learning a priority.  It’s not enough to have once been the best. You want a team that is determined to log the necessary man hours to remain at the top of the pack.

A Fast and Reliable IT Support Team Has Industry-leading Service Offerings

Knowing the qualities a reliable IT services company should possess can greatly aid you in your search for a team with a firm commitment to meeting your expectations. Reliability of character is critical.  But it’s not the sole factor in a great partnership. You also need a company that offers services that are the right fit for your business.

Among the services a quality reliable IT services firm in Schaumberg, Illinois will offer you are:

  • Managed IT Services—Every business can benefit from IT monitoring and maintenance. Reliable IT services companies take IT woes off your hands to free you up to devote your time to the business of running your business.  No more IT frustrations or unexpected and costly repair bills!  With monthly, subscription-based technology support from a reliable IT services company, you get all of the IT support you need at a price you can afford and without any additional add-ons.
  • IT ConsultingIT consulting services can assist you in many different business processes. From streamlining in-house IT acquisitions to reduce cost and increase efficiencies to solid advice regarding expansion, new markets, or scaling your business forward, your IT team can provide valuable insights that can save you time and money.
  • Cybersecurity Services—With cybercriminals more sophisticated than ever, it is of paramount importance that your systems be protected. You can’t leave that job to a team that moves a slowly as a sloth. Why? Because cyber-attacks happen without warning and a speedy response is required. Your reliable IT services company here in Schaumburg, IL should offer proactive IT assessments and regular, consistent monitoring to discover vulnerabilities and remediate them before cyber-predators
  • Data Center—Regardless of what industry you are involved in, your data needs to be kept Part of this includes strategies for business continuity, data backup, and restoration and recovery services. Your technical support specialists’ team will assist you in ensuring your data is safe and recoverable in the event of an emergency. A little forethought now can save a lifetime of heartache later.
  • Hosted Desktop—Is your office maximizing your cloud potential? Is your data currently housed on one solitary desktop? Your reliable IT services team can integrate the data from your desktops, laptops, and mobile devices into the cloud to give you greater collaborative abilities and increased data recovery capabilities.
  • Microsoft Office 365Office 365 expertise is standard protocol for leading technology companies today. By partnering with a company like Infiniwiz, you can learn how to customize your Office 365 environment to ensure the best fit with your daily workflow.
  • Internet-based Telecommunications SystemsInternet-based telephones are the way to leverage global collaboration. Your IT team can help you make the switch to the latest in Internet-based This great system gives you all of the benefits you love from your traditional landline phone service – and much more – but at a portion of the cost.

It’s time to get away from the IT support companies that want to move at the speed of a sloth!

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