Ease of use, mobility, and customer support are the main reasons to choose a hosted desktop. Each component lends to the opportunity for more up-time and improved efficiency.

An online desktop tour illuminates key features to help you improve your overall experience:

• A familiar yet fully customizable environment: Using a platform that is already familiar to your staff is essential for successful assimilation and prolonged ease of use. When an employees log onto the platform, they are able to access the same applications and files they would at the office from anywhere. Millions of additional applications such as Quickbooks, Sage, and TimeMatters can be easily added to your desktop.

• Secure share-ability: Each desktop is outfitted with the highest in security to deter information breach. The permission to access or share information and drivers between individuals can be easily monitored and controlled.

• Manage your services with ease: Your hosted desktop services can be altered and customized easily from your personal user platform. Managing your desktop as well as other services provided by Infiniwiz directly and conveniently.

• Tech support whenever you need it: A specially designed portal reserved for tech help and tech ticket submission is easily accessible on your desktop. You have the ability to correspond with tech support from any location, receiving email confirmation of your request for your records.

• Mobility: You will be able to access your hosted desktop from any computer or handheld device even from a smartphone, without limitation.

For more information on the benefits of using a hosted desktop, contact the experts at Infiniwiz. The infrastructure they provide is completely scalable, giving you the flexibility to expand or scale back services as needed. Using only Fortune 500 technology, they are able to provide your small or medium size business with the very best in network innovation.