These four online tools can make the lives of startup lawyers easy like Sunday morning.

CLIO – Cloud-Based Law Practice Management Software

Clio serves as the tech backbone for any law practice. Twice as endowed as any human, Clio has four arms: Practice Management, Time & Billing, Collaboration, and Integration. Practice Management is simply a calendar (albeit without cute dogs, firemen or lush landscapes) and a to-do list. The Time & Billing arm of Clio manages invoices and time cards and allows a practice to accept online credit card payments. Clio Connect is a secure web-based client portal, allowing Clio users to share information and collaborate with clients through an easy-to-use online interface. The Integration features act as a good coach, keeping all the proverbial players working together, including Outlook and Google apps.

RELATIVITY from kCURA – Discovery Software

Orange is the new pink, calloused typing fingers are the new paper cuts and Relativity is the new administrative assistant. Navigate the discovery process of any case with ease. With kCura’s Relativity, documents are stored, sorted and searchable. What once was an exhausting process of paper-shuffling, book-skimming monotony, is now a few keystrokes of productivity.

DRAGON from NUANCE – Voice-Recognition Software

Dragon voice-recognition software can save you dozens of hours a week. Create client communications, briefs, citations and contracts by simply moving your lips. That should give you enough time to catch up on your favorite reality show, make spaghetti or, you know, work.

OFFICE SUITE from MICROSOFT – Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Email & Presentation Software

Putting “Microsoft Office” on a Tech Checklist seems equivalent to putting “breathe” on a Things To Do Today list. But, as the unquestioned Goliath of office software, the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite truly is an absolute must-have, no questions asked. The suite has long been unparalleled for document, spreadsheet and presentation creation.

Let technology do its thing. Be more productive. Make more money.