Paste Magazine referred to 2014 as, “The Year of the Data Breach,” and rightfully so. According to recent Fox News reports hackers attacked 312 major businesses and organizations in 2014; in various industries including banking, healthcare, retail, government and many more. This means there were 23% more breaches in 2014 than there were in 2013.

The Fox News report also revealed that the hacking issue is a larger and more organized one than the average American citizen might realize. Hacker gangs, (especially from Russia and China), seem like the main culprits for most of last year’s major breaches. However, there are hacker gangs from countries all over the world, including the US.

Some of the most famous hacks of 2014 victimized several prestigious and surprising corporations, business entities and organizations including:

    • The White House,
    • The State Department,
    • Target Stores,
    • Home Depot Stores,
    • JP Morgan Chase Bank,
    • Community Health System
    • PF Chang’s Restaurants, and
    • Sony Electronics

Experts believe that Russian gangs carried out the attacks on the White House, State Department, and JP Morgan Chase; and that a Chinese gang called Dynamite Panda might be responsible for the Community Health Systems job.

Hackers stole credit card information, expiration dates and addresses from the various companies; and stole the same information, along with social security numbers, birthdays and phone numbers from Community Health Systems. In addition, customers are suing Home Depot because they feel the corporation didn’t protect their data effectively

Not surprisingly, the media coverage that followed these events served as a wake up call to corporations and organizations throughout the country. Many were likely taking their IT security departments for granted before they realized how vulnerable their companies were.

According to recent technology news, along with mobile and big data, IT security jobs offer the highest pay and the most opportunity in the IT industry. In 2014, headhunters approached a record 75% of security professionals with new job offers. However, 71% felt that they already had job security and weren’t looking to change jobs.

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