You want to improve the way your company manages network and computer maintenance. Luckily, we’ve got six creative steps for you to use.

Ask If RIM Works for You

A big part of managing your network and computer maintenance is managing your information. Effective records information management requires that you periodically determine whether the RIM you have in place really meets your needs.

Who Reviews Your RIM System

Maybe the RIM review is a team project with the administrator at the head. For example, IT will have something to say about how the system works within the IT framework. Legal personnel provide insight into the type of data that you need to save and about retention time frames.

What’s in Your Hard-copy Files

Take an information inventory. Require the managing information team rank the inventory by importance.

Don’t Need It? Toss It.

Put file purging on a regular schedule. Set up a secure destruction process. A legal team member can identify out-dated information potentially subject to discovery in future litigation. Legal can help you comply with regulatory retention time frames and determine what other data your business needs.

If You Need it, Scan It

Scan the paper documents you need to retain. Save them to your network to provide employees universal access. It is easier to cull through the files before scanning them than to take up precious memory on the network with outdated files.

Identify All Information By Categories

We keep information so we can retrieve it later. Retrieval requires knowing the information’s exact location within the network file system. The review team must categorize each document by author, title, subject matter, creation date, effective date, and so on. Let business needs be your guide.

If you would like more information, we invite you to contact us to learn how we can help you manage your network’s unruly information.