Microsoft Office 365 email (along with the rest of the office suite) is about to get a lot smarter thanks to a new acquisition the Redmond-based company made.

In August, Microsoft announced that it had acquired scheduling service Genee, Digital Trends reported. The specific financial terms of Microsoft’s new deal to purchase Genee were not disclosed.

Genee will make Outlook (Office 365’s email client) and the rest of the suite more streamlined and intelligent. It’s powered by artificial intelligence and contains algorithms that are fine-tuned for natural language processing and decision-making.

The program was launched in 2014 by co-founders Charles Lee and Ben Cheung. Although the Genee service was free in its beta phase, that was shut down on September 1. Now it will be folded into Outlook and the rest of Office 365.

Genee allows users to describe what kind of meeting they want, when it should take place, and who should attend. After that, the program takes care of the rest, deciding the best time and place for the meeting to take place and inviting those who need to attend.

In Outlook, Genee will work across emails and calendars to allow users to create meetings without the hassle of going through their own schedules, the Register reported. It’ll make the process of setting meetings easier.

By letting the Genee out of the bottle, Microsoft hopes to add these new features to Outlook and the rest of Office 365 in the near future.

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