Client Profile

Destiny Mortgage is a mortgage and real estate company with two Chicago locations and 40 active agents, most of whom work away from the office. Uptime, functionality and accessibility from anywhere are crucial to the running of their business. Prior to bring in Infiniwiz hosted services, they housed a Nortel Norstar phone system and a Dell application server on premises, and used free Google email services.

The Challenge

Destiny Mortgage had a considerably new application server crash several times a year. Each crash was severe enough that vital applications, such as Encompass, were down anywhere from 1-3 hours. Following the painful and time-consuming restoration of the latest server crash, company management decided to explore other options for their IT and communication needs.

Destiny Mortgage also found that their traditional business phone system had many limitations, such as number of extensions, transfer capabilities and direct calling functionality.

They looked to Infiniwiz hosted services to remedy their problems.

The Solution

Destiny Mortgage knew that something had to change and they were open to looking at alternative technology solutions. That’s where Infiniwiz stepped in.

Hosted Desktop

Downtime became a serious issue for Destiny Mortgage as they suffered from several server crashes. Every time a server went down, their work was delayed by 1-2 weeks, which was simply unacceptable.

After Infiniwiz recommended a Hosted Desktop solution to replace their in-house application server, everything changed. With all their data now stored on top of the line equipment and in a professionally run data centre with 24/7 monitoring, Destiny Mortgage executives no longer had to worry about server crashes. Or equipment upgrades. Or maintenance and support. Infiniwiz now took care of it all.

And if that wasn’t enough, Hosted Desktop brought even more to the Destiny Mortgage team. Employees were now able to access their virtual desktops from any computer with an internet connection. Since most Destiny Mortgage agents work away from the office most of the time, being able to access company software and documents on the go was crucial.

Finally, Hosted Desktop allowed Destiny Mortgage to save a considerable amount of money. Mortgage companies have seasonal upswings and often have to reduce their workforce by 25% during the slower winter months. Prior to using Hosted Desktop, they were forced to invest money in a system that could support the maximum number of users and resources needed during peak times, even during the slower periods. By switching to the scalable Infiniwiz Hosted Desktop, Destiny Mortgage can now add/remove users and applications, only paying for what they actually need at any given time.

Our agents can go to a client’s house, login to their virtual desktop via Internet, pull up a pre-saved target market report or presentation and even enter a new client into Encompass software – all from the client’s house. – Michael Bulmash, Managing Partner, Destiny Mortgage

Hosted VoIP

Destiny Mortgage’s original business phone system from Nortel was located on the premises and required the assistance of an outside consultant every time a phone was moved or whenever a new feature needed to be added.

The switch to Infiniwiz hosted VoIP phone service changed telecommunications dramatically for Destiny Mortgage. Any additional features needed or support requirements were covered by their new VoIP provider; additional consulting costs became a thing of the past. Not to mention the fact that the huge, unsightly box full of phone wires in a closet was banished for good! Phones could now be moved everywhere and anywhere with an internet connection, within the office or to an outside location.

Having a direct number for every phone was another feature of the Infiniwiz VoIP phone system that helped Destiny Mortgage not only cut costs but improve how they ran their business. For many of the agents, having a direct phone number was an important part of their customer service. They needed their clients to be able to call them directly, without having to go through a receptionist. Before VoIP, this was expensive to implement and maintain. The Infiniwiz hosted VoIP service provided a cost effective alternative.

Destiny Mortgage was also able to access a plethora of other advanced features, such as an Interactive Virtual Receptionist for afterhours, music while callers are on hold, a company directory, Follow Me features to forward calls when an agent is out of the office and voicemail to email where all voicemails get sent to a mailbox as an attachment. Thanks to Infiniwiz, all of these features were now available at no additional cost.

When I needed to move 3 seats from one office location to another, all I did was, move the phones, plug them into the Internet jacks, wait 30 seconds to power up and that’s it – they were ready to be used. – Michael Bulmash, Managing Partner, Destiny Mortgage

Hosted Exchange

Going for a new email service was not originally on Destiny Mortgage radar. After all, their current Google based email set-up cost them nothing. The Infiniwiz team however showed them how a hosted Exchange email solution could streamline all their processes, improve their efficiency and provide a layer of data protection that their existing solution simply couldn’t match.

With Infiniwiz Exchange Email Hosting, top managers could access their emails, calendars and task lists from their mobile phones. They were instantly notified when meeting requests came through and could respond wherever they happened to be. Not only were they saved communication time, they also had the piece of mind that all their sensitive client data was securely protected.


By converting to Infiniwiz hosted services Destiny Mortgage has been able to…

  • Cut costs by eliminating equipment and consulting fees and only paying for services needed with scalable fees per user.
  • Better allocate resources, freeing company management from dealing with time-consuming IT problems and the costs associated with IT maintenance.
  • Take advantage of industry leading technology, without needing to make any upfront capital investments.

Return on investment is unbelievable! We got top technology features at a good price as a predictable monthly fee that scales as our needs adjust. – Michael Bulmash, Managing Partner, Destiny Mortgage