According to an annual survey from professional services firm BDO USA, LLC, the recent cyber attacks and data security issues that a number of well known organizations have had to deal with have left executives concerned. They’re wondering about their own IT infrastructures and grappling to get security solutions put in place. The survey of 100 technology CFOs revealed the following:

* 67 percent of respondents stated that they had increased their spending on cybersecurity measures in the past year.

* 90 percent implemented new software security tools, and 72 percent implemented formal response measures for breaches in security.

* 48 percent of the respondents hired an outside consultant to help them deal with network security issues.

* In addition to network security, respondents also expressed concern about online security hazards such as hacking and the protection of their company’s intellectual property.

* In spite of the realization that more security is needed, many of the CFOs who participated in the survey stated that one of their biggest business challenges was finding a skilled, tech-savvy workforce to deal with these challenges.

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