Local Education Business Contacts Infiniwiz To Solve Their Network Problem

Just the other day, our team was contacted by a local business that was encountering ongoing problems with their network. They needed to be able to make video conference calls while employees and business contacts worked from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but a network issue was making the calls slow and choppy.

This is a key example of how IT has become even more important during the pandemic – for many businesses, video calls are a primary form of communication, taking the place of in-person meetings. Without the ability to make video calls, this education business knew they needed expert help to get the problem fixed for good.

Using our 24/7 chat service, they got in touch:

“We are in Education & training. The issue I’m having is related to video on conference calls on my network is slow and choppy. Even when we have only a few staff in the office, the video calls are almost unusable. We need someone to come in and monitor the traffic to see where the issue resides.”

Our representative immediately responded, asking follow up questions to gather necessary info arrange next steps:

“We should be able to help you with this query. I’d recommend you to speak with our Client Service Representatives right away. If you can provide me with your email & phone, I can have our staff get in touch with you in a couple of hours (or maybe sooner than that).”

Infiniwiz Solves Network Problem For Local Education Business

How Did Infiniwiz Help This Business?

In order to fix this organization’s network, we did the following:

  • Learn Their Challenges And Business Needs: The first step was to find out what was wrong with their current network, and how it was failing to meet their needs. There’s no point in designing a new solution and charging this client money without making sure the result actually addresses their original issue.
  • Design The Right Solution: With a detailed understanding of the business’ needs, we moved ahead with designing and deploying a more capable wi-fi network. This meant sourcing more powerful network devices and laying out a network that delivered the necessary speed and signal strength.
  • Test The New Network: Lastly, we made sure the new network worked by testing it. We ensured that they could make video calls with high quality and an uninterrupted stream so that they could continue to meet with contacts when needed.

Want To Speed Up Your Network?

Selecting the right technology directly affects the productivity of a given business, but a hardware refresh process isn’t always that simple. Tight budgets and an ever-evolving landscape of business technology make it difficult to know if you’re getting the right hardware, and at the right price. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry; we are here to help.

Infiniwiz’s team of IT professionals will assess your IT from end to end, finding out what’s holding you back and determining a way to eliminate lag. A comprehensive analysis of your current technology solutions to determine the state of your IT, and what potential issues need to be addressed.

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