Maintaining Network and Security Compliance not easy for either public or private companies. There are many reasons for this but three of the most compelling are cloud based computing systems, the pervasiveness and growth of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, and the “Shadow IT” within organizations. These are the IT systems and solutions build inside the network without approval or monitoring. What are the consequences of this?

Organizations are in critical danger of suffering security incidents from stealth of passwords, account numbers, and data to the actual shutdown of the network by malicious intruders. This puts the whole organization at risk for extreme monetary losses and even complete failure.

Now let’s look at five quick steps to minimize your exposure. These come from an security compliance article written by Shandas Lui in Lifehacker on 8 September 2015. These can be summarized as:

1. Track your authorized inventory of hardware and software.

2. Continuously remove vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

3. Network security must be a daily habit for every employee of the organization. By far the easiest and most prevalent form of intrusion is “phishing” where an employee is coerced into revealing their password to an unauthorized entity.

4. Give users access to only what they need.

5. Actively search for malware and intruders. You have to be proactive because if you don’t detect them until they are inside that might be too late!

Don’t be misled by the seeming simplicity of the above key steps. Information technology is morphing constantly becoming both more complex and more productive. At this point, we can’t do without it so we must protect it. The best solution for many companies, from Fortune 500 to smaller startups, is to use a Managed Service Provider (MSP). These are IT companies whose focus is to host the IT requirements for other companies. A company like Infiniwiz virtually hosts your desktops, supplies VoIP services, and has full-on network security and compliance with advanced anti-virus and anti-spam software, firewall equipment, nightly backups of all your data and 24 X 7 network monitoring and support in their data center facility. Contact us; network security is too important to your business to not provide the best management!