Losing essential data is a catastrophe if it isn’t backed up. A business that loses customer data, financial records, correspondence, and planning documents is in serious trouble. Backup is a basic necessity.

Having only a local backup isn’t enough. A fire or robbery could leave you without either the computer or the backup drive that had been sitting next to it. If ransomware gets onto your computer, it could irrecoverably encrypt the files on both the computer and the local backup.

For real data safety, you need an off-premises backup. Malware on your computer can’t wipe it out, and a local disaster won’t destroy it. It’s an inexpensive way of preventing disastrous data loss. Backing up to a remote online location is the easiest way to do it.

Some managers ask if offsite backup is safe, but it’s not a risk with a reliable and trustworthy service. A good service encrypts your data both in transit and in storage. Encryption while backing up ensures that no one can intercept it during the backup or restoration process. Encrypted storage ensures that even if someone breaks into the backup data, they won’t be able to read it.

Backup intervals should be as frequent as possible, consistent with available bandwidth. Each backup will send only files that have changed since the previous one. If the backup runs every hour, then you won’t lose any more than an hour’s worth of data.

A local backup is still valuable. Use both. The local one is more convenient, and it’s still available when the Internet connection is down. The online backup provides the safety of remote storage. Together there’s no single point of failure, and your business has the safety it needs.

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