Are you considering obtaining online desktop services but you’d like to know more about it and how it can benefit your business? You’ve come to the right place for online desktop answers. Here are our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q. What exactly is an online desktop?

A. An online desktop, also known as hosted desktop, is the cloud-based provision of all the software applications you need to do business. Your applications and data are stored at our secure data center. You get full accessibility anywhere and at any time, while we take care of upgrades, security, technical support, and other software issues that tend to bog businesses down.

Q. Is it truly accessible anywhere?

A. Anywhere that you have an internet connection, yes. With our hosted desktop solution, you can access your data from your computer or your mobile device.

Q. How reliable is it?

A. Extremely reliable. With our online desktop service, your data is stored at our Tier-3 data center. You also receive top spam and virus protection, and bandwidth that automatically adjusts to traffic spikes, keeping you up and running all of the time.

Q. What are some other benefits of hosted desktop?

A. Full scalability — easily add or remove users and apps. No upfront expenses, and predictable costs based on users, applications, and gigabytes. Windows-based programs which you’re already familiar with, that eliminate the time it takes to train employees on a new system. 24/7 access to technical support. Included migration assistance. Just to name a few.

There are, of course, many more benefits to the service. If you’re ready to switch to a hosted online desktop service or you have further questions, contact us.