Your business is important, as are the benefits that our hosted services can provide for you. If you’re considering using a hosted service from Infiniwiz, here are some commonly asked online desktop questions to get you started.

Q. What kind of internet connection do I need to use hosted services?

A. Your current internet connection is probably sufficient. However, we will test your connection during our initial network review and let you know for sure.

Q. How safe is my company’s data on a hosted desktop?

A. Your data is very safe! The Infiniwiz servers are located at one of the largest Tier III data centers in North America, built to withstand extreme temperatures, natural weather phenomenon, and electromagnetic interference. The facility features motion sensors and video surveillance for 24/7 monitoring. The center has a single point entry with biometric hand scanning devices and on-site security personnel around the clock.

Q. Will my company’s software run with your hosted desktop service?

A. All standard software and 98 percent of custom software runs completely with our service. We test everything at the time of implementation. If anything is less than 100 percent compatible, we will let you know before you buy.

Q. Do I need to buy brand new computers in order to use the hosted desktop service?

A. Absolutely not. As long as your computer turns on and can connect to the internet, it will work. The hosted desktop service comes from the outside, so the age of your equipment doesn’t have an impact.

Q. Can I use the hosted desktop on my tablet?

A. Yes! Infiniwiz Hosted Desktop works on iPad and Android tablets and the quality of the user experience is equal to that of using it on a desktop.

Q. With the hosted desktop service, is my network secure and supported?

A. Yes and yes. Along with the best spam and virus protection you can get, our data centre is state-of-the-art and redundant on security. Your service comes with a 99.999 percent uptime guarantee. We have a team of technical engineers who run, monitor, and support your network day and night. We are always there for you.

Please feel free to ask us any other questions you might have. We look forward to working with you.