As a small business professional, you have likely heard a lot of buzz these days about why you should hire remote IT companies; or you might be wondering if you should just build your own in-house department. If you’re like many small businesses, you might have even opted to just call a freelancer in when you need him to fix something or when you need to install something new.

However, though popular, these aren’t the only solutions to the IT problem. In fact there is one solution that is actually best for many small business models, yet business owners don’t know that it’s an option.

In addition, traditional IT solutions often don’t prepare you for emergency situations. They might offer some backup options. However, having a system that is completely cloud based means that if there is a natural disaster or an unexpected power outage or surge, your company’s entire computer system, (not just the files from the most recent backup), will be accessible from any computer in the world. You can go out and buy a new computer at the store and your office will be right at your fingertips within a matter of minutes.

Online desktop solutions are completely cloud based and remove the need for you to hire IT staff members, a managed IT firm or temporary contractors ever again.

Your Hosted Desktop subscription package comes with, “remote technical support,” and you never have to pay extra for maintenance, repairs or service calls.

Engineers are on staff 24/7 to:

• Manage your software
• Manage your server
• Answer any questions you might have
• Monitor your security, and
• Manage your applications and everything else that goes along with your system and network

In addition, you never have to buy new equipment.
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